We believe the humble plant pot deserves a more predominant position within the home, letting it becoming an interior design piece with which you can experiment with different colours, textures and materials.



One collection, three lines

Base Beautifully coloured terracotta pots in three different sizes and eight different colours: Emerald Green, Black Desert, Palm Green, Silver Grey, Dusty Pink, Amber, Deserto Rosso and Teracotta. The metal saucer is sold separately.Associated barrels in metal and marble can be added to create a more complete look.

Fashion The one of a kind Sunset Tower pot is inspired by Leland A. Bryant’s iconic hotels in L.A.. Sunset Tower comes in three different sizes and in six different colours: White, Cyprus Green, Sahara Beige, Deep Blue, Palm Green and Soft Pink.

Iconic The more exclusive alternative, marble pots and barrels in white and pink marble.



Isadeco is a new interior design brand producing and selling high quality ceramics.

Isadeco is founded by Vivianne Issa and Lovisa Friman Bendz. Vivianne has a background in fashion and Lovisa in design and communication.

Isadeco works with high quality materials to promote sustainable consumption. We manufacture our ceramic products in terracotta and stoneware clay. These materials are biodegradable, which means that they are renewable materials. Our marble products are made of Portuguese marble and no chemical additives are added during the manufacturing process. All of our production takes place in Europe, Portugal, to reduce the burden on the environment in terms of transport.




Vivianne Issa


Lovisa Friman Bendz


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